Patient Rights

Patient Rights

  • Get information.
  • Selection and Changing to the Health Organization.
  • Recognition, Selection, and Changing of Personnel.
  • Demand for identifying the order of priority.
  • Suitable diagnosis as regards medical requirements.
  • Prohibition of treatment out of medical requirements.
  • Taking medical care.
  • Legal usufruct from services generally.
  • Reviewing Records.
  • Requesting Correction of Records.
  • Method of getting information.
  • Situations inappropriate to provide information and precautions should be taken.
  • Prohibition of Getting Information.
  • Protection of Privacy.
  • Not applying to medical surgery without consent.
  • Keeping Information.
  • Rejecting and Stopping The Treatment.
  • Petition and Compensation Right.
  • Right of taking service at the safe and resident atmosphere.
  • Right to have a companion and visitor.
  • Right to fulfill the religious duties.

Liabilities Of Patient

  • The patient needs to inform him/her personal information to medical officials.
  • The patient is able to do his/her self-care when he/she doesn’t need to help.
  • To inform the medical officials about using medicines.
  • Follow the rules of the hospital during their stay there.
  • Showing respect for other patients and their rights.

Policy of Patient Accompanist

Private Ata Health Hospital is for all of us. Patients and attendants should act with this awareness. In order to provide the best service to our patients, all patients and their relatives must comply with the following hospital rules.

  • A companion card is issued for the companion by the relevant clinic. They must definitely have their companion card with them. The companion card is not used by anyone else.
  • Companions (except physician and nurse directives) will not make any application for the patient.
  • Patient rooms should be kept clean, rooms should be ventilated, and lids of garbage boxes should be kept closed.
  • The service nurse should be informed about my companion changes.
  • The companion should look after their patients in accordance with the instructions of the physicians and comply with the institutional discipline.
  • When patients want to get information about their health conditions, they should inform their physicians.
  • It is forbidden for patients to take their files and other documents out of the institution without the permission of the physician and the health institution.
  • Hospital cleaning rules should be observed.
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