What Is Check-Up?

Check up’s mean is “early diagnose early treatment”. The main aim is diagnose to some diseases that you have undefined symptoms. In this way, these diseases will have treated in early times. Whole tests are made about all possible diseases during the check-up by our specialist physicians in our hospital.

Who Should Have A Check-Up?

  • People who have a medical history of coronary heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, cancer in their family.
  • Before being active in a sport branch or start to the gym or another branch.
  • People who over 40 years old, even though they've not any health risk apparently.
  • People who have smoke, and drink frequently.
  • People who have irregular eating habits, smoke, and drink frequently.
  • Anyone who wants to protect their health.

How To Prepare Before Coming To Check-Up?

  • If you are pregnant or have any suspicion about this, you should report it before starting the procedure.
  • You need to be starved when you come to your appointment.
  • You need to be starved at least 10-12 hours before the check-up. It means at the same time, you shouldn’t drink water, coffee, tea and smoke. If you do this, your test results can not be clear and right.
  • If you use any medicine regularly, or you have any test results and had diagnosed disease of recent vintage, you need to bring them. It will be useful while your diagnose and treatments are identified.
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