About Us

As Private Ata Sağlık Hospital; we continue to purse our service policy, of modern medicine and have designed to fulfill all the requirements of modern medicine and to reflect all the benefits of technology to our patients.

We use the technological equpiment of our hospital with maximum efficiency in order to strengthen the patient – doctor dialogue, to accelerate the diagnosis of diseases and to achieve the most efficient treatment.

Özel Ata Sağlık Hastanesi İzmir

We take the advantage of the imaging technology by using the devices such as; Doppler USG, Mammography, CT, MT, ESWL and begin the procedure of spot – on treatment.

This journey that we started as Ata Eye and today we are proud of becoming a general hospital that provides full-service. In order to cure the health of our patients, our founding philosophy is ‘’continuous development’’. We are intending to treat our patients more comfortably by expading the capacity of our hospital. Eventually, we were able to create a full-fledged complex that could respond to all the needs of our patients.

VIP Room Options

  • Patient-To-Nurse Call,
  • Medical systems,
  • Phone,
  • WIFI.

Our Vision

We have goal as to be a pioneering in innovation and exemplary hospital, always different in health service delivery, as following international standards, method practices.

Our Mission

By saying Health First, using the possibilities of modern medicine with advanced technology and modern installations, providing high quality health care with our personal attention, experience and experience in a team spirit and increasing life values without compromising ethics and values.

Izmir Private Ata Sağlık Hospital

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