About Foca, Izmir

About Foca, Izmir

Foça is a district located in the province of Izmir. Foça, which is on the coast of the Aegean Sea, is famous for its natural beauty, historic background, and fishing village.

Foça was known as Phokaia in ancient times and has been an important port city throughout history. The district is home to remains and structures from ancient periods. The most important of these historic sites is the Temple of Athena in Foça. The temple still stands today with its remaining columns. Additionally, there are also remnants from the Byzantine Empire in Foça. One of the highlights of Foça is its beautiful beaches stretching along the coastline.

Foça Beach, one of the most popular beaches in the district, welcomes visitors with its refreshing sea and wide sandy shore.

Moreover, around Foça, there are quieter and more natural beaches in Old Foça and Gerenköy. Foça is also an important breeding area for sea turtles.

The Foça Natural Life Conservation and Development Area in Foça works on the preservation of this species and the sustainability of their habitats.

You should also visit Old Foça, which resembles a typical Aegean fishing village with its quaint streets, stone houses, and fishing boats. Here, you can taste fresh seafood in the many restaurants and enjoy a pleasant walk by the seaside. Access to Foça is provided by many roads in Izmir.

Public transportation or taxis are provided in the district. Overall, Foça is a beautiful destination that offers visitors a tranquil holiday opportunity with its nature, history, and atmosphere.

Update Date: 04.08.2023
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