Sp. Dr. Burak Sezen

Sp. Dr. Burak Sezen

About Me


2005-2011Afyon Kocatepe University, Medical Faculty
2012-2016Pamukkale University, Medical Faculty ,Dermatology Department



2011-Practising Physician Bayburt Health Center
2011-Practising Physician  Van Erciş Sahra Hospital, Volunteer Doctor, After the earthquake in Erciş
2012-2016-Research AssistantPamukkale University, Medical Faculty ,Dermatology Department
2016-2018Dermatology DepartmentSp. Dr.Kilis State Hospital
2018-2019Dermatology DepartmentSp. Dr.Denizli Acıpayam Devlet Hastanesi
2018-2019Dermatology DepartmentSp. Dr.Denizli Servergazi Devlet Hastanesi
2018-2019Dermatology DepartmentSp. Dr.Denizli Devlet Hastanesi



  • Diagnosis and treatment of Dermatology Diseases (Itching, psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo, Hair diseases, Allergy, Acne, Excessive Sweating, etc.).
  • Mole, Skin Tumor etc. examination of complaints by dermoscopy.
  • Cyst, Skin Tumor (appropriate cases) excision.
  • Dermacosmetic Procedures.
  • Filler, Mesotherapy, PRP, Botillin toxin injections, Non-surgical facelift with PDO lp hanger, Laser applications.

Attended  Congresses and Courses

National Dermatology congresses 2014-2018-2019

Aegean Dermatology Days 2015-2016-2017-2019

  1. Spil Dermatology Days Marmaris 19-21 April 2019
  2. DOd School 09-11 November 2018.

Dermatocosmetic and dermoscopy-related courses held at National Dermatology congresses-2014-2018-2019. Aegean Dermatology Days 2015-2016-2017-2019 courses on dermatocosmetics, dermoscopy, dermatopathology.

DUSEK Cosmetics Course 09-10 December 2017.

Membership  : Turkish Dermatology Association

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