Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Physical therapy and rehabilitation is a branch of medicine that deals with improving the quality of life of patients, reducing pain, and improving the problems in the musculoskeletal system.

Due to an increase in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation services the treatment options increase and allow specific studies to be carried out for the patient's problem. Basically, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation are thought of as two different notions, but these two departments are interwoven notions.

The field of interest of Physical Therapy is the treatment of diseases or injuries in the musculoskeletal system. Physiotherapists are overcoming these problems with exercise, electrical currents, cold-hot applications for people who have pain suffer due to these problems.

The main purpose of rehabilitation is the whole of practices aimed at regaining the mobility that is lost after some diseases or injuries. Physical therapy and rehabilitation can choose one of them for treatment or recommend as an additional treatment method.

In time, both start to decrease the pain and gain the moving ability gradually. Physical therapy and rehabilitation applications must be performed by specialists. Due to this, it will be determinative for the treatment processes that people who need physical therapy and rehabilitation treatment should be careful while choosing the institutions where they will receive treatment.

Treatments Applied in the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinic

  • Lumbar region and neck pain,
  • Shoulder, knee, foot and heel region pains,
  • Calcification problems,
  • Osteolysis disease,
  • Limitation of movement,
  • Sports injuries,
  • The problems after hand surgeries and hand tendon lacerations
  • Diseases before and after anterior cruciate ligament surgeries,
  • Rheumatic diseases,
  • Loss of mobility after apoplexy,
  • Pain syndromes,
  • Curvature of the spine,
  • Decreased range of mobility after plastic and reconstructive surgery,
  • Treatment of MS disease,
  • Treatment of Parkinson disease,
  • Treatment of CP disease,
  • Problems occurring in soft tissues are treated in the physical therapy and rehabilitation clinics.

What are Physical Therapy Methods?

Physical therapy methods are determined according to the age, general health, weight, and lived problems of the patients. This process, which is meticulously designed for patients to get maximum efficiency, requires patience and dedication. Over time, patients notice that their pain decreases, their muscles get stronger and their mobility increases. The problems of patients who undergo physical therapy methods can be resolved at an early stage and the need for surgery can be completely eliminated. Conscious and correct exercises, accompanied by physical therapists, are an important part of the treatment. Although exercises and physical therapy methods are identical, physical therapy methods are not just exercises.

Hot and Cold Applications: It is the treatment method frequently used for chronic pathologies in order to increase blood circulation, reduce pain and accelerate tissue healing.

Electrotherapy: It is the stimulation of the afferent nerves with the electrical current for reducing movement’s limitation, disperse edema and decrease pain.

Band: The band can be used for both protection and correction in physical therapy methods. Protective bands for limbs that must not move; In order to prevent posture disorders, bands produced for correction are attached.

Ultrasound: It is the transmission of sound waves to the body of the patients for increasing blood circulation, reduce edema and eliminate swelling.

Except from these treatments, there are other physical therapy methods. The patient's needs determine which treatment method will be used. It should not be forgotten that physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatments should not be interrupted. As a result of regular and unfinished treatments, patients experience that the pain in their musculoskeletal systems and soft tissues decreases and their movement mechanisms become stronger.

As Private Ata Saglik Hospital, we serve to increase the quality of life of our patients in our Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation unit, as in all our clinics. Our aim is to reduce the pain of our patients, revitalize their circulatory systems, eliminate inflammation, correct posture disorders and increase muscle coordination with our expert and experienced staff.

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