We treat many diseases such as dry eye, eye redness, blurred vision, eye pressure, cataracts, laser eye surgery, corneal transplantation, tear duct diseases.

Excimer laser surgery is treat visual impairments which nearsighted, farsighted and astigmatic.

Excimer Laser Surgery is reshape to cornea  for clearer vision and focus to retina of the image’s directly. Excimer Laser is a UV Laser that has  193 nm wavelength.

Firstly, Refractive errors are checked and determined, then cornea structure is examined with corneal map and pachymeter tests detailedly.

The patients dispose to glasses  thereby reshaping of cornea with excimer laser. The eyes that have normal vision, cornea provide that the light to reach on retina directly. However, if the eyes have visual impairment like myopic, astigmatic and hypermetropic, this light could not to reach retina directly, it reaches to different areas and therefore blurred vision is occured.

Clearer vision can be held by the glasses and contact lens but necessary treatment will be provided with Excimer Laser for clearer vision.

Cataract Surgery

For people with cataracts, the world they see is like looking through a slightly icy or foggy window. The only treatment for cataracts is surgery. There is no other treatment than surgical treatment.

The people who have cataracts see blurred. This feeling is like look at the world from a frosted and misty window and surgery is the only option for cataracts.
Cataract has not any treatment method aside from the surgery. A cataract is known as the blurring of natural transparent lenses.
The lens inside our eye changes its shape, allowing the eye to see clearly over distances. In other words, it ensures that the image passing through it is sent clearly to the retina, where the visual cells are located, to create clear images of objects positioned at various distances. The retina works by converting the light from the lens into a signal.
It sends signals to the optic nerve, which carries them to the brain. As long as the image from the lens is blurred, the image carried from the retina will also be blurry. Even if the retina or optic nerve or other layers of the eye are completely healthy, only the cloudy lens prevents the person from seeing.
The world they see is a bit like looking through a frosted or misted window for people with cataracts. Blurred vision caused by cataracts can make it difficult to read, drive (especially at night),or see the expression on a friend's face.
Most cataracts develop slowly and do not impair your early vision. But over time, cataracts eventually affect your vision, changing your quality of life.

Smart Lenses

If the person has cataracts and wants to see both near and far without glasses after cataract surgery, smart lens is the first choice. The smart lens is placed in the same place in the eye where we removed the natural lens of the person.

Smart Lens is known as the trifocal lens, this description is a truer term than the smart lens. A smart lens is an artificial trifocal lens is implanted into the eye during a cataract operation. A cataract is the became blurred of the natural lens in time or due to some different reasons that I have explained in the subject of cataract. Normally, in a young person's or a healthy eye's lens can see all ranges like far-middle-near. The function of our lenses begins to decrease with increasing age. The main aim of cataract surgery is implanting a new artificial lens instead of a natural blurred lens.

Corneal Transplantation

It is known as eye transplantation among the people, but the whole eye transplantation that is out of question. The Corneal Transplant Surgery is the most common and successful transplant all over the world.

The cornea is set in the forefront on the eye that is a specializing, transparent, and curved tissue for focus the light and protect to eye against extrinsic factors. The cornea is like watch glass fairly. When looked at from the opposite side, it cannot be realized the because that is transparent. When looked from the outside, the iris layer of the eye (the layer that gives color to the eye) and the orifice in the middle of the eye (pupil) are realized.

Cornea and lens provide focus to light coming from the external environment to retina that has vision cells. Refractivity power of the cornea is not variable in any case refractivity power of the lens is variable and it provide focus to objects where certain distances fall on the retina.

Keratoconus Treatment

The most important symptom is permanent progressive eye numbers. At the first stage, the disease is needed a stop, because keratoconus is a progressive disease. The corneal map is the most valuable diagnostic method.

Keratoconus Treatment

Keratoconus is a progressive disease characterized by that have genetical transitionary forward tapering of the transparent tissue in front of the eye.

The tissue is that known as the cornea is a tissue that protects the eye from external factors and ensures that the image is transmitted to the internal tissues in a healthy way, and it must have a certain curvature in order to fulfill this function.

Although the curvature is not standard for everyone, it is almost within certain limits. Keratoconus in overly steep corneas above these nerves discomfort should be considered.


Strabismus is known as cross-eye that is the deterioration of both eyes among people. While one eye looks ahead, the other eye can look in different directions (outward, inward, down, up). Early treatment is essential for this disease.

Strabismus is known as cross-eye that is the deterioration of both eyes among people. Both eyes cannot look at the same target constantly. And generally, one eye can fix itself to an object while the other eye slips to a different side. While one eye looks forward, the other eye can look in different directions (outward, down, up). In some cases, both eyes occur strabismus, too.

There are 6 muscles that provide to moving our eyes. These muscles are controlled by the nerve fibers that belong to these muscles in the brain.

The eyes want to look in which direction, a remark is sent by the brain to the related muscle for looking in that direction and it is provided to muscles working and looking to the target area.

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